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A Veteran’s Experience with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

If you’ve ever experienced ringing in your ears (tinnitus), even for just a few moments, you can imagine how disruptive and even crippling it can be when it’s ongoing or frequent. Tinnitus is often caused by age-related hearing loss and changes. It can also be caused by earwax blockage or ear bone changes. In other […]


Noise sensitivity? We have answers about Hyperacusis

What is hyperacusis? Hyperacusis is a lowered tolerance or sense of discomfort to sounds that would not trouble the typical person. It can occur slowly or suddenly. Often, sounds such as walking on carpet can be unpleasantly loud or painful. Communicating with others can be very challenging with hyperacusis. To me, noise is extremely loud. What causes […]


FinFest 2017 Take Me to the River

Did you know we are the only non-profit agency in Northeast Florida accredited for speech-language pathology and audiology services, as well as being certified to assist in providing speech pathology and audiology services for those who are on the autism spectrum? Through the generosity of individuals, corporations, foundations, partnering organizations and YOU, we are able to […]


Ringing in your ears? We have answers about Tinnitus

Tinnitus: What Causes the Ringing In Your Ears? What causes noise or ringing in my ears? If you’ve been hearing a ringing or other persistent sounds in your ears that don’t go away, you may have developed tinnitus.  Read on for some important facts about this very common condition. What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is a […]