Happy Child! Happy Mom! Speech Therapy Helps Jalen.

Jalen was just three years old when he first came to the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center (JSHC) with his mother.  His language abilities left Jalen frustrated; he had no way to communicate with his peers or express his needs.  His mother persevered, working diligently with Jalen week after week at home and JSHC on speech therapy.

Our Speech Language Pathologist, Lynda, is an experienced and skilled therapist.  She is patient and persistent while working with the children week after week. Slowly, the challenging behavior began to disappear.  His words began to flow and make sense. Jalen calmed down and his progress with Lynda became undeniable.  Jalen became a new person with a smile and with growing confidence.

Jalen has since graduated from our therapy program and is in school now doing very well.  Thanks to a lot of hard work from Jalen, his mother, and Lynda, he is at the top of his class with all the makings of a young leader.

Communication matters. Speech language therapy works. Young lives are changed for the better.  Success in school and later in life is now possible.  We are confident that Jalen will succeed and will go on to become a productive and successful adult.

Happy Child.  Happy Mom.