Language vs. Speech

Language vs. Speech

Language vs. Speech

The ability to share thoughts and ideas effectively starts at an early age. That’s why as the parent of a child, you should understand the common issues that some children face when talking to other people. Once you understand how people typically talk to others, you can proceed to get your child the necessary help they may need.

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Speech and hearing

Dianesia’s Story with Speech Pathology Treatment

“Mind of a Sponge”

Dianesia's speech therapy storyDiane Morgan clearly does not look her age but she is a grandmother with seven grandchildren. She regularly takes granddaughter  Dianesia, age 7, for speech pathology treatment at Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center.  Dianesia’s older sister, Tavaria, also came to Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center when she was younger.

“Dianesia started attending Christ the King school this year and her teacher recommended the speech pathology treatments to help her,” Diane said.  “She has been attending treatments since the start of school and we’ve all noticed an improvement.”

Young Dianesia likes to visit Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center and thinks of it as fun. She also likes reading, is a quick learner and good with math.

Speech and hearing“It’s important to get the help when they are young,” explains Diane.  “This will help her through school and life. It’s doing it the right way.”

“I hear her sit and play with her dolls and I can hear what she is learning,” Diane added. “It’s a big change.”

“As my daughter says, they have a mind of a sponge when they are young.,” Diane said. “You have to grab them and teach them early in life.”

If you know someone struggling with their speech and is looking for a solution, please tell them about the Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center.