Screenshot 2014-08-26 14.27.32It is a well-documented fact that failure to develop adequate language and listening skills early in a child’s life can impact his/her ability to learn reading and writing skills.

Skills that can be impacted include:

    • vocabulary
    • basic concepts
    • auditory processing
    • auditory discrimination
    • other skills necessary to succeed in school

Our role at the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center is not only to provide individualized services to help these children develop age appropriate speech and language skills, but also to educate parents or caregivers on how to promote speech, language and listening skills in the home. Laying this important speech/language foundation for a child is imperative for his/her future success in school and in life.

The Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center’s licensed speech and language pathologists (SLP) provide diagnostic evaluations and treatment of speech and language problems for children and adults. Disorders treated but not limited to include autism spectrum disorder, oral-motor speech disorders, receptive and expressive language disorders, voice disorders, stuttering/disfluency, apraxia, processing, literacy/dyslexia, and articulation/phonological disorders.

To schedule an appointment with a speech-language pathologist, contact us by calling (904) 355-3403 or contact us to schedule an appointment.