For qualified speech therapy patients, teletherapy is a convenient alternative to traditional onsite therapy. By using Theraplatform technology, one of our licensed clinicians can connect with you from the comfort of your home!

Just like our in-patient speech therapy program, our remote speech therapy program is designed with our patients’ communication goals in mind! With privacy-protected video conferencing, screen sharing, and interactive apps, there are endless possibilities for you to enjoy interactive and engaging therapy sessions.

There are no special downloads or programs required for you to participate. All you need are an Internet connection, and a device with updated video & audio capabilities.

Receive Care from a Certified Teletherapy Specialist

Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center (JSHC) is proud to be the first speech and hearing center in Florida to certify its staff in teletherapy through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). By receiving virtual care from a Board Certified Telepractice Specialist, patients are able to receive the same quality care that they would otherwise receive in-office from the comfort of their homes.

This certification also makes our team uniquely qualified to provide online care to patients with special needs that is in-compliance with the IDEA, Section 504, and the ADA. Such qualifications are essential when remotely serving students in the public school system who rely upon regular speech therapy sessions as part of their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

In just a few clicks, you can enjoy high-quality, compassionate speech therapy equivalent to the care that you’d receive in-person at our clinic!

To schedule an appointment with a speech-language pathologist, please contact us at (904)355-3403 or via Contact Form.