Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center offers a large selection of hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers. As there are many styles of hearing aids, our doctors will help you find the best choice for your lifestyle and hearing loss. Our hearing aid services include:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Sales
  • Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Hearing Aid Orientations
  • Hearing Aid Checks
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • In/Out of Warranty Service & Repairs

Our Hearing Aid Program

The first step in getting a hearing aid is to receive a hearing aid evaluation. The results of this evaluation will help our audiologists determine if a hearing aid is the best treatment option for your individual needs, as well as what types of hearing aids will best accommodate your hearing loss.

Our audiologists will help you select the best style of hearing aid for the specific hearing loss you have, keeping in mind any cosmetic and lifestyle concerns you may have. To ensure a best fit, we strongly recommend that you get impressions of your ears to create customized ear molds made just for you. With customized ear molds or earplugs, you’ll receive hearing aids with a comfortable fit that is designed specifically for your ears.

We know that getting a hearing aid can be a major adjustment. That’s why we make sure that you have the time you need to ask questions, learn how your hearing aid works, and learn how to properly care for your hearing aids throughout all steps of the process. We also offer additional support for new patients through our comprehensive orientation program, Support U.

All hearing aids include a 30-day trial period and a three-year warranty, ensuring that any changes or repairs will come at no cost to you.

Hearing Aid Technology

There have been huge strides in the technology in hearing aids. Bluetooth® connectivity in hearing aids makes it possible to stay connected to a number of electronic devices, including phones, televisions and tablets, greatly elevating the hearing aid wearing experience. Directional microphones amplify the sound in front of a listener, which can combat challenging, noisy environments. Advanced feedback management and wind reduction systems provide increased listener comfort indoors or out.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are available in many different sizes and styles. Thanks to advancements in digital technology and miniaturization of the internal components, many of today’s hearing aids are considered sleek, compact, and innovative. They offer solutions to treat a wide range of hearing and communication needs.

We proudly provide hearing aids from the following manufacturers:
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To schedule an appointment with an audiologist, please contact us at (904)355-3403 or via Contact Form.