On-Site & Mobile Hearing & Speech Screenings

Our Speech & Hearing Center collaborates and partners with organizations and schools to provide more comprehensive community care. We engage in a variety of community outreach programs to schools, day cares, corporations, health fairs, and community events. The JSHC has a mobile van fully-equipped with an audiological booth available for hearing testing on-site in the noisiest of environments such as industrial and aviation centers. We have a satellite clinic in Nassau County. With the help of our individual and corporate supporters, we will reach and assist many more children, adults, and seniors who are having speech and/or hearing difficulties.

School Hearing and Speech Screenings

We have two full-time speech and language pathologists who provide screenings to children in pre-schools and daycare throughout Northeast Florida. They work closely with the child, parents and teachers to ensure that each child receives maximal services to enhance language.

Newborn Hearing Screening Follow-up

Our clinical audiologists are trained to see infants who’ve failed their hearing test at birth. They provide the follow-up evaluation to assess if the failed test is due to a hearing loss or other potential causes. They work with the parents to educate them about best-practice hearing and communication strategies, and how to monitor hearing health.