iStock_000019865178SmallEarly childhood success depends on a strong base of language and speech.

People connect through communication and when the ability to speak and hear do not exist or are lost, the isolation and long-term effects can be profound. This is especially true in children, as hearing, speaking and understanding the spoken language are essential components to their growth and development.

What happens when hearing and speech problems go untreated?

In children, hearing and speech/language disorders cause problems at school by impacting the child’s ability to learn. Poor self-esteem and behavior problems can lead to a lifetime of isolation. As adults, untreated communication disorders make it difficult to hold a job and be a contributing member of the community.

iStock_000013200832SmallCommunication Matters

What happens when a three-year-old with delayed or disordered speech and language goes to school? They are more likely to have poor self- esteem, frustration, behavior problems, and poor reading skills by third grade.

The Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center (JSHC) is a non-profit agency and one of very few agencies that provides care to underprivileged children and families in our community. For the past sixty years, the JSHC has provided the highest quality professional care to anyone with hearing, speech and/or language disorders.

If you or someone you love is living with a speech-language or hearing issue, please contact us TODAY to schedule an appointment, regardless of your ability to pay.

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