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Patient Testimonial | Veteran Hearing Aid

We honor America’s Veterans and are proud to serve them. We are so grateful for the feedback we received in July of 2014 from a veteran that we had the pleasure of assisting for veteran hearing aid service. Mr. Connell, we salute you!

Dear Mr. McQuilkin:

I am a veteran. Because of my hearing difficulty the veterans administration sent me to the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center for evaluation and hearing aid assistance.

I arrived at the Center about a month ago and was immediately impressed. The lady who I talked to at the reception window was very polite, efficient, and seemed to genuinely take an interest in me.

After a short wait, I was met by Kim Perkins, Doctor of Audiology. Doctor Perkins conducted the hearing test and explained to me what was forthcoming. She showed me an example of the hearing aid I would receive and went over the nomenclature of the instrument.

Several weeks later I was called by your office and informed that my hearing aid was ready. An appointment was made for fitting. When I arrived for the fitting I was again welcomed by the lady at the front window. She was her usual pleasant self and made me feel right at home.

Soon after my arrival a very punctual Doctor Perkins invited me to the fitting room. She again demonstrated a vast knowledge of the hearing device she was fitting for me. lt is always a pleasure, when dealing with a Doctor, to sense that they are very qualified in their profession. However, when they can smile, laugh and demonstrate some humanity, it makes the visit more enjoyable and a lot less intimidating.

Shortly after I left your office for the fitting I was called by the Veterans Administration, in Lake City, for an evaluation of your Center. I told them exactly as I’ve related in this letter. They know that I was very grateful to the Veterans Administration for sending me to the best, namely, the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center.

ln closing, I thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you do. lf I can ever be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to call.


l.B. Connell “Sonny”