Noise sensitivity? We have answers about Hyperacusis

What is hyperacusis?

Hyperacusis is a lowered tolerance or sense of discomfort to sounds that would not trouble the typical person. It can occur slowly or suddenly. Often, sounds such as walking on carpet can be unpleasantly loud or painful. Communicating with others can be very challenging with hyperacusis.

To me, noise is extremely loud. What causes this affect?


Sensitivity to noise or hyperacusis can make everyday activities unnerving.

Some of the most common causes of hyperacusis or sensitivity to noise include head injury, ear damage from toxins or medication, viral infections involving the inner ear, TMJ syndrome, and Lyme disease.

Does hyperacusis cause hearing loss?

Although an individual with hyperacusis may have a hearing loss, there isn’t a direct correlation between the two. Hyperacusis doesn’t have any relation to hearing thresholds.

Is there a treatment plan for hyperacusis?

There is a treatment for Hyperacusis called Hyperacusis Therapy. This therapy focuses on desensitization through exposure to low sound levels.

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