Placing the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center in your will can ensure increased access to services for our clients. Gift planning uses tax laws that enable you to pursue your philanthropic goals while minimizing your cost of giving and maximizing the benefits to yourself and your family.


Provide for the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center through your will or through a living trust. One of the easiest ways to support the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center is through a bequest provision in your will. Bequests can be specific or residual. Bequests can include cash, real estate, all personal property, investments, retirement plan assets, and life insurance.

Charitable Remainder Trusts:

Provide for yourself or a named beneficiary, while enjoying tax benefits and supporting the future of the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center.

Retirement Funds:

Provide support by naming the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center as beneficiary of the remainder of your pension plan, 401(K), Keogh, or IRA.

Life Estate Gifts:

Make a gift of your home to the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center while retaining the right to live there during your lifetime.

The acceptance of restricted gifts, personal property and closely held stocks will be determined on an individual basis.

Please contact our Director of Development by calling (904) 717-6930 or via Contact Form.