Ways to Give Today

With your contribution, you’re helping someone’s voice to be heard. Your impact will help us to create lasting change in our community.

When you donate to JSHC, you:

  • Help ensure that children start kindergarten ready to learn and free from the stigma of a speech or language disorder
  • Allow seniors to reconnect with their loved ones with the assistance of hearing aids
  • Ensure that those without resources receive the help they need to return to the workforce and get back on their feet
  • We currently have several uninsured children on our waitlist ready to begin treatment. Help us help them succeed in school!

    All contributions made to JSHC are tax-deductible. After completing the giving process, you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your donation. 

    Monetary Gifts

    The most common way that individuals give to the JSHC is through cash donations.  You can donate via mail, phone, or our website.

    If you prefer to donate by mail, please send a check to:

    Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center
    40 East Adams Street, LL20
    Jacksonville, FL 32202

    To give your donation over the phone, call (904) 717-6930.

    To donate through our website, click here:

    For questions, contact Jackie Culver at jculver@shcjax.org or (904) 717-6934.

    1010 Society and 1010 Club

    In September 2017, the JSHC moved to new facilities at 1010 N. Davis Street. The transition to this location near the confluence of I-95 and I-10 has made the Center more accessible to patients. It’s also provided a more professional environment in which to meet the speech and hearing needs of our community.

    To help ensure that our patients receive care in the best environment possible, there are two avenues to provide support for our facilities.

    1010 Society

    With an annual gift of $1,010, either in a single payment or in 10 monthly payments of $101, you can become a member of the 1010 Society.

    Members of the 1010 Society receive many benefits including: 

    • recognition on a plaque in our reception area
    • acknowledgement on our website
    • a personalized social media shout out
    • a royal blue and white JSHC polo shirt
    • complimentary hearing screenings for friends/employees

    Thank you to our current 1010 Society Members! 

    • Andy & Kamillia Behrends
    • Anne & Marshall Brittle
    • Patricia Chavarria
    • Karen Hike/JM Family Enterprises
    • Mike & Cathy Howland
    • Harry Koslowski
    • Matt & Seana McAfee
    • Dr. David & Nanette McInnes
    • Michael & Julie McKenny
    • Jim & Sandy O’Leary
    • The Patsy Family
    • Fred & Debbie Pruitt
    • Glenn S. Ross
    • Amy Ruth & Michele Sahdala
    • Bill Shelton
    • Gretchen Swinson
    • John & Patty Trevathan
    • Tom & Kathy VanOsdol
    • Ed & Penny Waller

    1010 Club

    With 12 monthly payments of $10.10 a month (for a total of $121.20), you can become a member of the 1010 Club.

    1010 Club members also receive special benefits including: 

    • acknowledgement on our website
    • a royal blue and white JSHC polo shirt

    Thank you to our current 1010 Club Members! 

    • Dorothy Bourgeois
    • Kristen Dietzen
    • Christopher M. Howland
    • Steve Sherman
    • Eric Weinroth
    • Lynne & Jerry Woodall

    For questions about joining the 1010 Society or 1010 Club, contact Jackie Culver at jculver@shcjax.org or (904) 717-6934.

    Donate a Hearing Aid

    A hearing aid that’s no longer being used can be recycled to ensure that someone who otherwise couldn’t afford a device receives the gift of sound. Donations can be dropped off in person at our facilities, or carefully mailed in a package to:

    ATTN: Hearing Aid Recycling
    1010 N. Davis Street 
    Suite 101
    Jacksonville, FL 32209

    If mailing your donation, please include a note with your contact information so we can send you a donation receipt.

    For more information, please contact our clinic at (904) 355-3403 or clinic@shcjax.org