Jacksonville Jaguars Give & Go – 2021

Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center – Give & Go Program

For 6 years now, the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center has participated in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Give & Go Program, with each year getting better and better!

Don’t miss out on this year’s festivities! Join the “Friends of Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center” for our annual tailgate party on November 21!

Simply purchase tickets for the Jaguars vs. 49ers game, and you’ll receive a VIP invitation to our exclusive celebration. Last year’s party was one of the biggest on the lot, with food, fun, and fellowship (featuring adult beverages!) 

Go Jags!

Already reserved your tickets?  Claim them by calling (904) 717-6930 or by emailing Erika Hooper at ehooper@shcjax.org. All proceeds will benefit the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center.

Want more ways to support the JSHC and the Jags? We’ve got you covered! For additional games that benefit the JSHC, click here, choose “Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center, Inc.” from the dropdown arrow of nonprofits, and select the game you wish to attend.