How Does Hearing Loss Affect the Body?

Hearing loss affects the mind and body in ways that were previously unknown. These findings add to a growing list of health consequences associated with hearing loss.

In this recent interview, JSHC’s Evonne Long, Au.D., CCC-A, discusses some of the lesser known effects of hearing loss.

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How Does Hearing Loss Affect the Body

Hearing loss can affect the body in a variety of different ways. It depends on the age of onset, cause of the hearing loss, the degree of the impairment and how soon it’s treated.

Children use their hearing to identify sounds and assign meaning to the sounds. These are the building blocks for reading, spelling and verbal speech and language skills.

Children with untreated hearing loss statistically perform poorer academically compared to their peers, even though they might still have the same cognitive aptitude.

Untreated hearing loss also affects social and emotional growth. This can extend into adulthood and limit career opportunities for those children’s futures and also reduce their earning potential.

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