Hearing Loss: The Hidden Stigma

Hearing Loss: The Hidden Stigma

Hearing Aids and StigmaHearing Loss: The Hidden Stigma

Throughout the years, hearing loss has been unfairly associated with advanced age and weakness. Due to this well-known fact, many people who have suffered from a hearing impairment have often experienced rejection, isolation, and criticism.

At Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center, our goal is simple – to assist those suffering from hearing loss and to overcome these stigmas. We work to find solutions that work for each individual person and each financial situation.

The highly trained staff at JSHC supports individuals with hearing loss in numerous ways. Every day we have the pleasure of speaking with new patients, finding unique solutions for their challenges.

Even though people with a hearing impairment may feel impeded and embarrassed, they must realized that there are many long-term consequences of not treating this condition promptly.

By educating the general public and accepting people with a hearing disorder, our society can work towards removing the causes that are associated with this condition.

Why Do People Avoid Getting Hearing Aids?

The most common causes why many people avoid getting hearing aids are:

  • Hearing aides remind them that they’re getting older
  • Some people who suffer from hearing problems may reject the technology because they feel ashamed
  • They think that the devices would draw attention to their ears, which would further emphasize their hearing disorder
  • Many people with a hearing impairment do not want to be identified as “handicapped,” so they might avoid visiting an audiologist

The Consequences Of Untreated Hearing Loss

If you fail to seek treatment for your hearing disorder, you could be at risk for any of these long-term effects:

  • Health conditions such as depression, fatigue, dementia, and anxiety
  • Structural changes in your brain
  • Behavioral changes
  • Cognitive decline
  • Social disengagement

Conquering The Stigma

Young girl with a hearing aid

In order to fight the shame that is often association with a hearing disorder, we must focus on education. JSHC strives to educate the public of the challenges of a hearing impairment and the consequences of not getting treatment. Together our society can move towards a positive view about hearing health. Imagine a world where family members and friends encourage loved ones to explore treatment options.  This proactive, supportive environment will reduce the stigma and effects of hearing loss.

Discover Your Treatment Options Today

D0 you often respond inappropriately in conversations? Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves? You may have a hearing impairment. There are many services and technologies to help you overcome this impairment.

Hearing devices like completely-in-the-canal or CIC and receiver-in-the-ear or RITE are discreet styles that are hardly noticeable. Many devices will allow you to adjust the volume through your smartphone or a small remote. Today devices are smaller and more effective than ever before.

Let our experienced staff find the perfect device for your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.