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Hearing Loss: The Hidden Disability

Hearing Loss: The Hidden Disability

Despite how damaged one’s auditory system may be, it’s difficult to recognize that a person is hard of hearing by simply looking at them. That’s why hearing loss is considered a common invisible disability, and often times, the condition is greatly misunderstood by others.

For example, if you’re hard of hearing and ask people to repeat themselves for the third or fourth time in a row, they’re more likely to be frustrated with you rather than empathetic. This reaction is likely because if people are unable to physically see your hearing loss, they’re less likely to conceptualize the difficulties you’re experiencing.

Jacksonville Hearing Loss Hidden DisabilityTaking A Quick Look Inside

Most people who begin to lose their hearing develop defensive strategies to cope with this condition. Instead of politely asking someone to repeat themselves, they may simply nod their head and smile to avoid an awkward interaction or embarrassment. They may also respond to questions without completely understanding what the person is asking.

In severe cases, people with auditory problems may even stop interacting with the world for good, especially if they’ve been yelled at or disrespected when seeking help. Since the world can’t really see their disability, they simply refuse or give up acknowledging the condition all together.

Don’t limit yourself with these defensive strategies! It’s extremely important that people who are suffering from being hard of hearing receive a hearing aid test as soon as possible. Hearing loss is a serious issue that requires immediate professional attention.

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Most people wouldn’t think twice about going to the doctor to correct their poor eyesight, so why should fixing auditory problems be any different? Auditory problems warrant excellent treatment, just like any other disability, and there’s no need to struggle alone.

Serving Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding area, the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing proudly treats children, adults, and seniors who are experiencing hearing impairment may benefit from a hearing aid test and hearing screening. Our staff is committed to providing high-quality hearing therapy, regardless of a person’s age. Our ultimate goal is to assist our patients with communicating effectively so that one day they will be heard by all people.

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