Join Us on May 5 for Our #GivingTuesdayNow Speech & Hear Cheer-A-Thon! 

The Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center (JSHC) is excited to be joining thousands of nonprofits on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 as part of #GivingTuesdayNow. #GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving designed to drive an influx of generosity, civic engagement, and community support for nonprofits around the world in response to COVID-19.

GivingTuesday NowFor more than 70 years, JSHC has provided essential speech and audiology treatment to Northeast Florida. Now more than ever, the ability to communicate is critical to our patients’ health and well-being. 

Without audiology care, seniors with hearing loss will find it difficult to talk over phone with family and friends—at a time when phone calls are often elders’ sole source of social interaction with loved ones. Without speech therapy, toddlers struggling to communicate will experience learning difficulties that will hinder their future academic prospects—further compounded by students’ indefinite transition away from the classroom.

JSHC has been working tirelessly to continue providing quality care for our patients’ continued safety and progress in this new environment. 

On the audiology side, we have been providing patients with remote hearing aid fittings and adjustments through telemedicine, as well as shipping hearing aid repairs and supplies through the mail. On the speech side, we have been providing speech teletherapy services for patients with technology and mailing educational materials to those who are unable to access an Internet device. 

By providing these services, we hope to fulfill our mission— to provide the highest quality professional and compassionate care to all individuals in our community with speech, language or hearing disorders, regardless of ability to pay. Although our patients may be physically distancing from others, our continued work through telemedicine ensures they are able to remain socially connected and communicate with loved ones.

Support Our Mission Through the Speech & Hear Cheer-A-Thon 

We invite all members of our community to join us in celebrating the importance of communication through our virtual #GivingTuesdayNow event—the Speech & Hear Cheer-A-Thon. This event is a special opportunity for individuals to share elements of speech and sounds that bring them joy through brief 1-minute videos. 

To participate, all you have to do is: 

  • Record a 1-minute video of you and/or loved ones that shares the joy of being able to speak or being able to hear. Some examples may include: 
      • Reading motivational quotes, and/or excerpts from favorite books, poetry, speeches or spoken word 
      • Cheers or chants 
      • Musical performances (vocal or instrumental) 
      • “Cute” conversations (exchanges with a pet or young family member) 
      • Speech or sound that makes you happy (chirping of birds, laughter of a loved one, etc.) 
  • Once you’re happy with your video, you can either email your video to to be featured on JSHC’s official social media channels 


  • Post the video on your own social media with the hashtags #GivingTuesdayNow and #SpeechHearCheer. Please make sure to tag the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center as well!

In addition to posting a video, please consider making a donation to JSHC via our Facebook event or website. 

Your contribution will make a major difference in ensuring that no individual is denied essential communication services due to an inability to pay. Thank you in advance for your time and generosity!