Hurricane Readiness for the Hearing-Impaired Community: Essential Preparations for Safety and Communication

As hurricane season approaches, the Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center takes proactive measures to ensure the hearing-impaired community is well-prepared for potential emergencies. In an insightful interview with Chandra Manning, practical advice was shared to equip individuals with the tools they need to stay safe and connected during a storm.

One crucial aspect of preparedness is ensuring individuals with hearing aids have extra batteries packed in their hurricane kit, specifically the correct size for their devices. For those relying on electric hearing aids, having a charger and charging block on hand is essential to navigate power outages effectively.

Considering the heavy rains associated with hurricanes, Manning recommends having a drying jar to safeguard hearing aids from potential water damage during evacuation. This simple yet effective solution can be conveniently purchased on platforms like Amazon.

Another vital component of hurricane readiness for the hearing-impaired is establishing a clear evacuation or emergency plan with family members. Having a predetermined route and communication plan helps ensure everyone stays connected and safe throughout the storm.

In addition to these measures, obtaining a weather radio with visual cues and downloading a weather app like the First Coast News app can provide crucial real-time alerts directly to one’s phone.

By heeding this advice and being proactive, the hearing-impaired community can face hurricanes and potential emergencies with confidence, ensuring their safety and well-being during these challenging times.

To watch the full interview and learn more about these essential preparations, click here to access the video on the First Coast News’ website. Let’s come together and ensure everyone in our community is well-equipped to handle whatever the hurricane season may bring.

Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center wants to make sure those in the hearing impaired community are ready in case a storm approaches.

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