Hearing Tests for Kids

Back-to-School Hearing Tests for Kids

Why are Hearing Tests for Kids Needed

Back-to-school preparation is hectic, with shopping for kid-approved clothing and supplies. Along with the hunt for the perfect t-shirt and shoes, don’t forget hearing tests for kids.

Your child is young and healthy. Why would she need a hearing test? The Center for Disease Control says about 15 percent of all kids between 6 and 19 have hearing loss. And even a mild amount of loss in one ear can have a major impact on your child’s ability to learn and socialize effectively.

What Hearing Loss Looks Like

It’s typical for kids to tune out requests like, “Take out the garbage.” But what if it isn’t rudeness, but part of a gradual, subtle change in his ability to hear?

Experts say it’s important to take a second look at “absent-minded” children, who constantly ask people to repeat information, and those who frequently don’t respond to conversational cues. It is likely they have a problem hearing you.

Hearing Tests for Kids in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center offers hearing services for children of all ages

Problems with Learning and Self-Esteem

If your child can’t hear the teacher, she can’t absorb information effectively. If a child doesn’t learn foundation materials in each grade, it just gets harder and harder to keep up.

The problem doesn’t stop with classroom instruction. Hearing loss affects your child’s entire life. For example, speech development continues even during the kindergarten and early grade school years. If a youngster misses part of this development, his speech center may not mature the way it should.

When a child can’t hear what his peers are saying, he can’t interact fully with them. That can lead to poor social skills and a lifetime of isolation. Children who can’t hear have more problems reading and learning. Their self-esteem takes a hit, leading to higher frustration levels and behavior problems.

Hearing Tests Catch Problems Early

Scheduling a hearing test as part of the back-to-school routine is essential for your child’s overall health and development. Hearing tests for kids with our hearing professional allows our tools and training to pick up even a mild case of hearing loss.

The hearing test can also catch other medical problems, like wax or mucus buildup in the ear. It can detect complications from ear infections and from other prescribed medications.

It is important to discover that your child has a hearing problem as early as possible. Experts can come up with a treatment plan that will make a difference right away in the classroom and on the playground. That lays the foundation for a successful future.

Have Questions About Your Child’s Hearing Screening?

Each year local schools provide basic hearing screenings to their students. If your student fails a hearing screening, we recommend coming into our office for a full hearing test.

Don’t delay. Call the Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center today at (904) 355-3403 to schedule a hearing test for your child.