Why the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center?

At the Jacksonville Speech & Hearing Center, we put you and your family first. We know that treatment for speech-language and/or hearing disorders isn’t just about the individual. It’s about enabling families to connect, communicate, and care for one another.

Our Philosophy

We know that accurate hearing can greatly impact quality-of-life. Many of our staff members have either experienced hearing loss personally, or have a close family member with hearing loss. We’ve designed our patient care experience to be how we’d like to be treated.

We take great pride on being on the leading edge of the audiology and hearing health field. Our goal is to be the premier hearing health care provider in the 5-county Jacksonville area. That means providing not only the most technically accurate hearing evaluations, care recommendations, but the most satisfying patient-care experience as well.

Great Staff

From our Patient Care Coordinator who will schedule your appointments and greet you at the front desk, to our operations team, care providers and supportive Board of Directors, we all have one goal in mind: provide friendly and courteous service to every person who needs us, regardless of their ability to pay.

Let Us Help

Whether you’ve lost your hearing early or later in life, we’re here to help you to enjoy sounds and improved communication. You may have experienced a gradual loss of hearing over the years due to various noisy work environments such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, or airfields. Perhaps you sacrificed your hearing in combat while protecting our country. Or maybe you attended one too many rock concerts in your youth.  Yet, regardless of the reason for your hearing loss, the result is the same: your opportunity to hear the things you want to hear has been diminished.

Our mission is simple: providing the highest quality professional and compassionate care to ALL individuals with hearing, speech and/or language disorders in our community.

Contact us by calling (904)355-3403 or via Contact Form.